Being nothing alike its close cousin, Mykonos, whose legendary parties and vibrant night scene have made it world famous, Naxos attracts and pleases with authentic experiences that give visitors the chance to dive into the Greek culture and explore natural beauties not seen elsewhere. In fact, Naxos is the greenest, most fertile island in the Cyclades complex with verdant valleys and imposing mountains that create the perfect backdrop for superb holiday adventures for you and your loved ones.

However, unlike what many people think, Naxos is not only the perfect retreat for family vacations. Those looking for adult only holidays in Naxos will find several tranquil heavens scattered across the island, offering unique opportunities to experience romance and memorable experiences with your significant other, man or woman.

Where High-Class Tourism Meets Exquisite

There are many different ways to enjoy adult only holidays in Naxos. The island, although not as progressive as Mykonos, welcomes couples coming from different backgrounds. For that reason, you will find a plethora of adult only hotels, Kouros Art Hotel included, offering a wealth of amenities and facilities that cater specifically to the needs of adult couples, gay or not. With features like large hot tubs, balconies overlooking gorgeous mountain panoramas, garden views or seascapes, luxury 4-star accommodation, authentic hospitality, privacy, the richest breakfast comprising exclusively from homemade goods, from apple pies and chocolate cakes to local sausages and cheeses, and the most elegant honeymoon suites, Kouros Art Hotel is indeed a paradisal option for adult only holidays in Naxos.

As for the times you and your man or woman decide you want to spice up your holidays in Naxos with interesting activities, you can have the friendly receptionists at Kouros Art Hotel make all the necessary arrangements for you, so that you can enjoy everything from beauty treatments and massages for two to yoga, Pilates, and even candle-lit dinners and private catamaran cruises.

Meanwhile, why not spend some of your Naxos Greece holidays relaxing and unwinding at the outdoor spa with the hydro-massage or savour the sun, the sea, and the cool Aegean breeze at the sandy beach of Agios Prokopios, which is within walking distance from one of most e Kouros Art Hotel?

Adult only Holidays in Naxos with Mediterranean Flavours

The local cuisine is absolutely delicious. Distinguished by traditional Greek dishes, locally-grown produce, and foods made my locals from local ingredients, such as the sausages, your adult only holidays in Naxos can get quite exciting indeed.

The good news is that some adult only hotels on the island also host a taverna or restaurant, or are located within a short walk from stylish dining facilities, which makes things even more convenient for couples that want to have it all under the same roof or within an arm’s reach.

Adult only hotels in Naxos

Kouros Art Hotel is one of the most prestigious adult only hotels on the island offering idyllic and sublime experiences for two. Located at the foot of a small hill and just a few meters away from sandy beaches, it is the most booked of Naxos hotels Greece. With privacy, intimacy, luxury, exclusivity, and authenticity being the flagship values of Kouros Art Hotel, it is no wonder why it is a beloved choice for adult only holidays in Naxos.

Choosing the right one of all Naxos Greece hotels comes with a load of benefits. Time for you and your partner to have your cocktail or glass of champagne while gazing the beautiful natural surroundings and the mesmerizing city view, relish a refreshing dive in the swimming pool, treat your palate with tastes from the local cuisine, have a romantic walk in the paved streets of quaint Naxos villages, explore the countryside on two wheels, enjoy your time with your significant other, or celebrate your honeymoon on an island that is happy with its reputation as a beautiful paradise on earth, rich in tradition, agriculture, a charming interior waiting to be discovered, and some of the most scenic beaches in the Cyclades. It is amazing how the most magical things happen from the simplest of things!