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Greek Islands travel: Naxos and other Greece Destinations

Mar 30th, 2019

Naxos Island, Greece can be reached through two primary means: air and sea transport. However, since it is located at the central part of the Cyclades, it is a natural means of reaching other Cycladic Islands and entire Greece.

When traveling to/from Naxos by sea, the most common means is by ferry boats, and there are different classes of them. The time taken to reach Naxos Island Greece by sea depends mostly on the boat’s speed, the number of passengers aboard, weather, season and the ports of call on the way to Naxos Greece. This travel time varies from four (4) to five (5) hours.

Another adventurous means of embarking on your Greece Islands travel to Naxos and other parts of Greece is through a Sailboat which can be hired alongside with a captain or alone provided you have a captain license. The type and features of the sailboat depend solely on your negotiation skills and financial power as there are varieties of sailboats.

When traveling to/from Naxos from/to other Greek destinations by sea, there are two major ports: one at Piraeus and another at Rafina. While Piraeus port functions all year round, carries a large percentage of Naxos tourists and can be reached via the metro system, Rafina port functions only during average and peak periods and can only be accessed by taxis, either public or privately hired ones.

Another Greek Islands travel means is by air with the most famous being through charter flights or a jet flight to Greece’s national airport before joining a connecting flight to Naxos. If the latter is your choice, you should book your connecting flight to Naxos in advance to reduce the cost and stress, especially during peak Naxos Island travel seasons.

You can also get a pickup flight from the National airport courtesy of your Naxos accommodation provider. Just ensure you affirm the pickup option is on offer so you’d make arrangements for alternative means of transport to Naxos.

Greek Islands’ Travel from Naxos to Major Greece Destinations

During your Greece Islands’ travel, you will need to be conversant with sea travel details from Naxos to the Cyclades and other Greece Islands. Before you choose your means of transport between Naxos and other Greek Islands, you should talk to the Reception desk of your Naxos hotel, Greece to determine the best routes for you.

Below are sea travel details between Naxos and other Greece Islands.

Naxos and Paros

During the twelve (12) months of the year, there are daily ferry connections between the two Islands. The two islands are only eleven (11) nautical miles apart (from one port to the other) and can be traveled in a maximum of 45 minutes.

Naxos and Mykonos

During your Greek Islands’ travel, you can find a connecting ferry between Naxos and Mykonos any time of the year. The two islands are 22 nautical miles apart and can take as much as two hours to travel from one to the other. Usually, the available ferries carry vehicles.

Naxos and Santorini

Naxos is about 43 nautical miles from Naxos, and there is always a connecting ferry between the two islands any time of the year with the peak being summer. The travel time is about 2½ hours.

Naxos and Ios

These two islands are about 24 nautical miles from each other and are usually accessed through Naxos-Greece ferries with an intermediate stopover at Ios. The distance from Naxos to Ios is less than two hours.

Naxos and Syros

Syros is about 29 Nautical miles from Naxos and takes a little above three hours to get there. Visiting one of these islands to the other requires proper planning as there is no single connecting ferry between the two. You can inquire about the best route between the two islands from your Naxos hotel, Greece reception desk.

Naxos and Amorgos

Amorgos is the last island when the small Cyclades route is followed, and it is located at about 29 nautical miles from Naxos. It can take as much as 6½ hours to get there from Naxos as there are many stops on the way. If you are in search of a faster trip, you should go on a ferry with reduced stops.

Naxos and the Small Cyclades (Schinoussa, Iraklia, Donoussa, and Koufonissia)

The small Cyclades are a group of small Cycladic islands and can be accessed by ferries every day during peak tourist season. The first port of call is at Iraklia, closely followed by Schinoussa, Koufonissia, and Donoussa.

Naxos and the Northern Greece Islands

When you Greek Islands travel takes you to the Northern part of Greece, you should check out Islands such as Samos, Ikaria, Lesvos, Chios, and Lemnos on your way. The trip from Piraeus port in Naxos across the above-listed islands will take a little above one day; about 28 hours approximately.

Above is a comprehensive trip detail of how you can access other parts of Greece from Naxos during your Greek Islands travel; for more concise information (such as ferry companies, trip details, and cost), you should check with your hotel in Naxos Greece reception desk.

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