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The Beauty of Portara - Ancient Temple of Apollo in Naxos Greece

May 16th, 2019

A visit to Naxos Island is never complete without branching at the Portara, Naxos. Portara simply means entrance in Greek Language and Portara, is used to refer to the entrance of the unfinished temple of Apollo facing toward Delos which is Apollo’s place of birth.

The building was started by Lygdamis to serve as the Temple of Apollo in Naxos and with the intention of making Naxos’ building the highest and most glorious in Greece. The project was abandoned in the 5th BC century and later converted into a church by the 5th and 6th AD centuries. This church was dismantled under the Turkish and Venetian in order to build a castle with its marble. Only the doorway which could not be used due to its size of 26feet high and made of four marble blocks which are 16 feet in length each and weight of 20 tons was left and this serves as a marker to where the temple was.

The Portara currently is the remains one of the most popular landmarks in Naxos Greece and it is connected to Naxos Town by a manmade causeway. Its graphical view of the Aegean sea could easily make it be mistaken for a portal to another world.

A visit to Portara Naxos, in Greece will give the tourist an insight into the methods of construction used for the temple of Apollo, Naxos and also how big it was. Archaeological remains predict the temple to be at about 181 feet by 80 feet which are enclosed in a colonnade of 6 by 12/13 iconic columns. The presence of porches and an inner shrine could also be deduced from the remains of Portara, Naxos.

The modern-day tourist to Portara Naxos, Greece can do so as part of a honeymoon trip and can easily access this beautiful monument with a short hike from the port or ferry bay. He will be able to enjoy the beautiful, colorful view of the sunset. He will also have a great view of Naxos, Greece and should definitely go with enough camera space as you can’t just resist photographing the beautiful scenery from the top of this piece. You have the opportunity to spice up your Naxos honeymoon with a visit to Portara Naxos in Greece alongside your loved one.

A short walk is definitely worth the view of the Aegean Sea you can see from here not excluding the view over Paros and back to town which is extremely colorful especially at night. The Beautiful flowers covering the Islet at Springtime makes the visit worthwhile and you can even see all there is to see with the twenty (20) minutes you will spend waiting for the bus or even between ferry changes.

The Portara Naxos, Greece is simply laid out to offer majestic views of Naxos town and of surrounding towns such as Delos, Mykonos, Paros and Syros and a good view of the sea which will leave you with awesome memories. The Portara, Naxos brilliant white sparkle against the bright, summer light; heavy looming grey in the face of a rainy day and golden warm tones it emits in September evenings with its ability to shine during a full moon will fill your memories with your loved ones on Portara Naxos with unforgettable images.

When visiting the Portara Naxos, you can lodge into one of the many hotels in Naxos Greece. One of the recommended Naxos Greece hotels is the Kouros Art Hotel which is a 4-star hotel in Naxos Greece. An experience there will add to the good memories you will garner from visiting Portara Naxos.

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