So, you are planning to visit Naxos, Greece, for your next vacation! We can’t wait to see you here! And, speaking of holidays, how about a Greek language crash course to help you speak a bit Greek and have some fun with the friendly and hospitable locals?

In the paragraphs below, you will find a list of useful Greek phrases to blurt out on various occasions! From simple, common Greek words and common Greek phrases to slightly more “sophisticated” stuff to impress your friends with and get to live an even more authentic experience on the beautiful Cycladic island. And, don’t worry. Even if you butcher any of these useful Greek phrases or words, you will have the fun of your life in the process!

Getting the Basics Right – Useful Greek Phrases & Words

Some of the most common Greek words to use in Naxos Greece, if you fancy the idea of throwing yourself into playful conversations with the islanders are:

What you want to say in EnglishHow to say it in Greek
Hello!Yia sou!
Goodbye!Yia sou or Antio (when you leave a place)
Sorry or Excuse me!Signomi
Cheers!Stin iyia mas or Yamas!
Please! (also, “I beg your pardon?)Parakalo!
Goodnight!Kalinihta! (also used when leaving a place after dark and want to salute others)

Holidays in Naxos – Asking for Stuff (Help, Instructions, Prices, etc.)

Right below are some useful Greek phrases that you will probably find handy, especially when you want to ask for directions or instructions or basic details during, say, shopping at Naxos, Greece.

What you want to say in EnglishHow to say it in Greek
How much is it?Poso kani?
Where is…?Pou ine….?
How to get to…?Pos tha pao sto…?
I don’t understand!Den katalaveno!
Do you speak English?Milate aglika?
How far is…?Poso makria ine to…?

Socialising with the Locals

Mingling with the local community can be so much fun and exciting. The locals absolutely love chatting with guests and are more than willing to help when they struggle with their Greek. Here are some useful Greek phrases that you could refer to when out and about this charming island!

What you want to say in EnglishHow to say it in Greek
How are you?Ti kanis?
Nice to meet you!Hero poli!
What is your name?Pos se lene?
My name is…?Me lene…!
Good morning!Kalimera!
Good afternoon! (also Good evening!)Kalispera!
I love Greece!Agapo tin Elada!
Cheers or bottoms up!Aspro pato (also stin igia mas!)

Note: “Gia sou” is one of the most common Greek words that is used in several different instances. For example, you may use it instead of “Hi”, “Goodbye” or even “Good night”, “Good evening” or “Good afternoon”!

The Quintessential Entertainment Word

You can’t come to Naxos, Greece, not knowing the key fun word “Opa!”. Even if you can’t remember any of the common Greek phrases mentioned above, do keep “Opa” in mind! You will find lots of opportunities to use it here. Despite being only a small 3-letter word, it carries profound power bringing people together and is used to express enthusiasm while dancing, singing, or even drinking with friends (even among complete strangers sharing rounds of raki, ouzo, or tsikoudia during festivities!).

Note: Feel there are common Greek phrases or words missing from these lists? Do let the friendly Kouros Art Hotel receptionist know! They will be more than happy to help you fill out the missing dots with even more useful Greek phrases! That’s one of the privileges for choosing one of the most exclusive hotels in Naxos Greece for your royal holidays! We cater to your every single need!

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