Cruising to the islands of the so-called Small Cyclades is one of the most favoured Naxos days tours that allow you to spend an entire day (or more) swimming, sailing, sunbathing, and snorkeling in crystalline waters of profound allure. In fact, no Naxos day tours exist without at least one stop at an island belonging in the Small Cyclades complex.

What Islands Form the Small Cyclades?

The islands lying between Naxos and Amorgos. Once counting a total of six, they have gone through more than a thousand years of upheaval and civilization, from crowded trading centers to pirate getaways, Venetian outposts, and starving WWII fishing backwaters. Today, they have regained their fame as a trending escape heaven. However, only four of them are now inhabited – Donousa, Koufonisia, Schinousa, and Iraklia – each having its own, distinct topography and character. Most day trips from Naxos include the majority of these islands if not all four of them.


The second largest island of the Small Cyclades is part of shorter Naxos day tours. It impresses with its dramatic coastal scenery (perfect for hikers), exotic, sandy beaches (see family-friendly Stavros beach and fine-sand Livadi beach), great walking opportunities, free campers and naturalist-beloved Kedros bay, and beautiful views of Amorgos island. If you are planning to spend more than a couple of days of your holidays in Naxos, setting sails for Donousa should definitely be on your to-do list.

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Particularly welcoming sun-worshippers, Koufonisia is strikingly different than Donousa, with luxury yachts anchored at the picturesque Pori Bay. The northern part is commercialized and quite cosmopolitan (also the most populated) while the southern regions are uninhabited, offering raw natural beauties. Koufonisia is not a calm retreat to go to, especially during the trending summer months but is certainly a stop one must make when choosing any of the available Naxos day trips or Naxos tours with a longer duration. However, despite its lively character, you won’t find any motor scooters or buses to disturb the natural sounds of the island – only water taxis. Perfect for families due to the wind-protected beaches (e.g., Ammos, Finikas, Fanos, and Pori) and naturalism-tolerating shores (i.e., Italida beach), an imposing windmill, and lots of tavernas, restaurants, churches, and shops. If you wish to experience something close to Mykonos glam, taking short day trips from Naxos to Koufonisia is a safe bet for sure. You will be surprised how frequent Naxos to Koufonisia day trips actually are because of the number of visitors that want a taste of the unique appeal of this charming dot in the Small Cyclades!


Rugged Schinousa with the jagged outline is also popular with yachts and sailing Naxos tours, which come second to Naxos to Koufonisia day trips in terms of popularity. It comes as no surprise, though, given the spectacular seascapes and the more than 15 fantastic sugary beaches, including the popular Tsigouri and Alygaria beach near the Chora and the far south respectively. Other notable shores are Psili Ammos and Almyros – also within a short drive from the island capital.

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Famous for its cave pilgrimage, Iraklia is the largest of the Small Cyclades (aka Back Islands), with meaty walking trails and many tourist facilities. However, the beaches here are quite scarce, though, the existing ones are quite a spectacle, with their sandy shores. The most renowned are Livadi (some rocks in the shallows), whose far end is idea for naturalists, Tourkopigado, and Alimnia, where you can also find the remains of a crashed WWII airplane. That aside, don’t sign up for Naxos day tours that don’t include seeing the Iraklia bays – they are indeed lovely (see Vourkaria bay), as are the many caves (i.e., St. John and Polyphemos) whose stalactites and stalagmites create a dazzling effect, and the picturesque little villages.

Naxos Accommodation

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