Scuba diving in Naxos is surrounded with a sense of extraordinaire, giving a taste of something even divine to those with an adventurous heart. The shallow, crystal clear waters of the island make it perfect for beginners who gradually make their acquaintances with the incredibly rich marine environment. As for the underwater world of Naxos, it is distinguished by such profound diversity that is heaven for the most experienced divers out there. From impressive shipwrecks to a variety of magical reefs, you definitely have a lot to please your eyes (and soul) with.

And, if you prefer an equally thrilling activity that keeps you closer to the surface of the shimmering Aegean Sea, then snorkeling in Naxos is an activity you should definitely try! There are zillion things below the water waiting to show you that there is a dazzling world yet to be seen.

Best Naxos Scuba Diving Sites: Breathtaking Reefs

Naxos is blessed with a dashing aquatic cosmos that includes thriving reefs. Below is a list of the most popular diving sites around Naxos island Greece:

1. Agios Nikolas Reef

The waters here are tranquil most of the time, which allows you to admire the beautiful “noise” of the underwater universe. You will be able to see various schools of fish, eels, octopuses, and groupers. And, if you are lucky, you may rub shoulders with a stingray or two. The maximum depth is 15m (20m visibility).

Tip: Don’t forget to have a look at the fascinating cave that is home to several different types of sponges.

2. Graviera Reef

Scuba diving in Naxos’ Graviera reef feels like the world has been reversed! This is your best shot to lay eyes on mesmerizing morphology that comprises of alluring caves, imposing canyons, and submerged passages. Be prepared to meet large schools of fish like barracudas, moray eels, octopuses, and lots of dotted sea slugs and other nudibranchs. What makes things even more exciting is the existence of current. As for the maximum depth, it reaches 18m (visibility 25m) and is best to have some open water diving experience before getting down there.

3. Calypso Reef

Not far from Agios Prokopios beach and Kouros Art Hotel, the most exquisite boutique hotel in Naxos, lies Calypso reef that opens the door to a different adventure. This is because its bottom is covered with shipwrecks that now rest in the calm waters, often providing shelter to the groupers and other fish types that have made Calypso their home. The maximum depth here is 20m (visibility 25m).

Tip: Another reef with around the same maximum depth is Virgin reef that accommodates massive rocks, alongside great amberjacks and lobsters, among others. If you have a hard time spotting them, check out the 15sq.m cave in the whereabouts!

4. Black Rock Reef

For those with more experience, they will find the challenge they have been looking for by trying scuba diving in Naxos’ Black Rock reef (aka Black Coral Garden). Located a couple of kilometers from Alico bay, the reef welcomes you with moray eels, groupers, black corals, schooling anthia, stingrays, invertebrates, crustaceans, and many other marine species. The strong underwater currents have made sure this Naxos scuba diving site gets all the nutrients it needs to prosper. As for the dramatic rock formations and walls, they indeed add to the overall awe you feel. The maximum depth is 30m (visibility 20m).

Final Notes:

• One of the best places to combine scuba diving and snorkeling in Naxos is Glaronisi, just 5km from Naxos Town. The depth is less than 20m (visibility 20m), and you can see from huge black and golden sponges to Zeus faber fish and eye seashells. Ideal for both beginners and experienced divers.

Naxos windsurfing and cave diving are also popular activities among both locals and visitors of the island. You can start with Padieronisi, a small island between the islands of Paros and Antiparos, and its three-entrance cave. The scenery is almost surreal, with light playing exciting games below the surface and wonderful stalactites giving you the sense you are way above sea level!

• Many Naxos hotels in Greece offer concierge services that can make a memorable scuba diving or snorkeling expedition happen for you. And, if they don’t, they will certainly bend over backward to fulfill your desires.

• Before trying Naxos scuba diving for the first time (or anywhere in the world, actually), you can maximize your first experience by ensuring you keep yourself hydrated, using your snorkel instead of your regulator when swimming from or to the decent point. It will help save air from your cylinder and protect your airways from water in case of a choppy sea. Also, remember to swim with your legs and leave your arms as restful as possible to expel the least amount of energy. There are smarter ways to use your air supply down there!

Where to stay

Agios Prokopios region hosts some of the best hotels in Naxos, including Kouros Art Hotel. Browse your options, and you will be able to find accommodations to suit your specific requirements and, of course, budget. Time to enjoy the fullest of your holidays here, starting with endeavors that involve scuba diving in Naxos’ enchanting marine world!