Whether you are after holidays suited for a group of friends or simply wish for a romantic getaway for you and your partner, Naxos is an undeniable winner. It is a particularly interesting mix of a lot of things, providing numerous opportunities to have just the kind of vacation you dreamed of in Greece. Holidays in Naxos are unique and indeed memorable for more reasons than one, offering experiences not to be lived elsewhere.
What is to Love About Naxos

Of course, it is impossible to list every single thing that makes Naxos, Greece, holidays a one-of-a-kind experience. However, we can definitely say that activity is just about everywhere. You see, Naxos is an island large enough to enjoy outdoor and water sports, yet small enough to visit all major sights and beaches within a few minutes’ drive.

The Beaches

Probably the biggest draw of Naxos Greece, holidays is the length of the organised west-facing coast of Agios Prokopios. With a kilometre-long sandy beach, it is a pole of attraction backed by the occasional tavernas, beach bars, and varying accommodation options. It comes as no surprise that Agios Prokopios hosts the most elegant of all hotels in Naxos Greece, Kouros Hotel, mostly favoured for its stylish suites, the plethora of amenities and comforts, as well as its superb hospitality that contribute to VIP-style holidays in Naxos.

The great thing about holidays in Naxos, though, is the variety of beaches. There is something for every taste – from pebble and white sandy beaches to beaches with water sporting facilities, to nudist, to secluded beaches. Swimmers find a slice of heaven here for sure, as they get the opportunity to dive in the refreshing waters of the sparkling clean Aegean from just about any spot along the coastline.

Diversity in things to do

Naxos Greece, is an excellent destination for sailors, kite surfers, and windsurfers due to the strong winds that blow through. However, besides the more cosmopolitan and crowded beaches to enjoy the sun and the cobalt waters of the Aegean Sea, your Naxos, Greece, holidays can have the taste and colour you want them to have. So, if privacy is what you are after, you will find lots of remote coves and shores off the beaten track to explore, such as Kastraki beach. The shelving may be a bit steeper than that of Agia Anna beach, but you will get far fewer tourists and a unique sense of isolation – as if you have been washed on a deserted island!

Speaking of activities, your holidays in Naxos can be enhanced with things like horseback riding and Naxos tours that will introduce you to the charms and beauties of the countryside by car, yacht, or, why not, via helicopter rides. And, since you will be turning your Naxos, Greece, holidays into an all-around adventure, why not try some island hopping as well? All the major Cycladic islands are within reach from Naxos, including Mykonos – a destination legendary for its vivid parties!

The Architecture

It is not just the coast that can make you fall in love with this Cycladic gem. Naxos, Greece, is also full of Venetian-style constructions, especially in the former capital of the island. As you stroll the cobbled streets, you will come across century-old distilleries that use citrus leaves to make potent alcohol, whitewashed houses with bougainvillea-filled balconies, artistic corners, and special nooks to lay eyes on the most heart-stopping sunsets and views of ancient ruins (see Apollo’s Temple and the Naxos, Greece fortress) and the Mediterranean Sea spreading below your feet.
Sumptuous accommodation options

Naxos, Greece, is home to properties providing stellar guest experiences and world-class facilities. These include all amenities required for luxurious, comfortable, and gratifying escapades. Kouros Hotel is one of the top-rated Naxos luxury hotels, offering exquisite, royal holidays in Naxos.

Savouring precious moments with your partner As for those preferring adult-only holidays in Greece, they will be treated with an abundance of choices which will give them precisely the Naxos, Greece holidays they need. Kouros Hotel also excels in all things child-free. Allow yourself to immerse in luxe outdoor hydro-massage treatments, a relaxing massage session (provided upon request), candlelit dinners, or share romantic moments with your loved one. Without a doubt, everything about adult-exclusive hotels in Naxos should be tailored specifically to adults, and Kouros Hotel knows that, providing five-star experiences.

Undeniably, holidays in Naxos is a wonderful blend of many different experiences. What is for sure is that the island speaks directly to the heart of every type of guest, whether looking for tranquility and serenity, a fantastic time with friends, or the opportunity to reignite that fire with their loved one.